The crew


  • Name: Paul
  • Nickname: Paulo ou Gringo
  • Nationality: French
  • Date of birth: January 3rd, 1981. Besançon, France
  • Profession: Software engineer
  • Passion: Rock climbing and other outdoor recreational sports
  • Weaknesses: hypocritical, stubborn, lacks confidence in others abilities, overcautious
  • Strengths: cautious, curious, efficient worker
  • Where do you absolutely want to go? To Kalymnos and rock climb until there is no skin left on my fingers.


  • Given name: Sundra
  • Name: Sundy
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Date of birth: November 27th, 1983. Nanaimo, Canada
  • Profession: Photographer and Graphic Designer
  • Passion: Photography, travelling, and to work and volunteer for organizations I believe in.
  • Weaknesses: naive, prone to seasickness…
  • Strengths: honest, patient, positive
  • Where do you absolutely want to go? Anywhere I haven’t been before and Kenya, the country where I awoke many mornings with a smile

5 thoughts on “The crew

  1. ligia on

    amigos!!! i love you both and wish you have a safe and fun trip! im sure you’ll have the times of your lives :D
    i want to see pictures of where you sleep and the washroom! jijiji
    the website looks amazing ;) congrats!

  2. Pernodet Jacques on

    On vous souhaite bonne chance dans votre aventure.
    Bravo à vous, de pouvoir vivre vos rêves et de les partager.

    • Salut Jacky,
      C’est sympa. Ca fait longtemps que l’on ne s’est pas vu ! J’espère que tout va bien pour toi.

  3. I was looking on the web how to build an arbutus table and came across your web page – as a sailor myself I got sidetracked – well done – are you still sailing and will you make it into Chemainus BC – if you do I will cook you dinner!

    • Sundy on

      Hello Barbara! Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to have people other than our friends and family commenting on our blog. When we pass by Chemainus in 4 years ( plus or minus 2 years ) we will be knocking on your door for dinner and talk boat. Take care.

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