The Boat

Arbutus is our home, our protector, our vehicle, and our faithful companion. She gives us the opportunity to explore, discover, and dream. She gives us our freedom. Arbutus welcomes us with affection, we take care of her like our child, and we talk about her with pride.

This website chronicles our journey, and because Arbutus is such and indispensable member she has her own page within our website. We describe in detail her construction and equipment, and our reasons for choosing Arbutus.

In this section we describe the inner workings of Arbutus and the equipment we have on board. We give a list of the electronics which help us make navigational decisions to ensure our safety. Because we can’t call ourselves Moitessier or Tabarly, because we were not born at sea, and because we live in a technological age we rely heavily on our navigational instruments to provide us with near instantaneous information to safely and efficiently navigate. Paul invested a lot of time to choose, experiment, test, and install the equipment to make Arbutus a safer and smarter boat, and also hopes by writing about his experiances it will educate and help other sailors.

We also introduce ourselves so our readers will understand where we are coming from and how we got to where we are now, and perhaps many of our readers will identify with us.

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