Ham Radio license

When Paul was growing up he owned a CB (Citizen Band) radio, and was amazed to be able to talk with people from all over Europe, Africa and Russia! It was like a game to make contact with someone as far away as possible. Because of Paul’s childhood passion we happily chose to use Deborah as a means of communication while we are sailing. So in order for Paul to use the radio (broadcast on different frequencies) he had to get a ham radio license.

To prepare for the exam Paul had to read a very dense and dry Ham Radio License manual and study guide. Thankfully his IT background and technical courses he took in university helped him tremendously.

License to drive on canals and waterways of France

OMG, so expensive (arround 400 euros) to be allowed driving a french canal and french river with your own boat ! The licence (practice and theory) is not difficult to take ! The reality is a lot more difficult. I will remember all my life my first lochs : Really stressfull and painfull for Arbutus :-(

You have to know that : If you rent a boat to drive on french river you don’t need this licence ! It’s just for owner !!! So, you might cross people without any licence on the river (So without knowing the rules on french river) and who doesn’t care about his boat because it’s not his own !!! I would like to say : “Vive la France !!!” and “Money, get away !”

International VHF radio licence

This licence is mandatory if you expect to use your VHF radio in the international water ! This licence is really not difficult and pretty cheap.

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